Voices of Autumn

Special project with Radik Tyulyush, 3 October 2014, Almaty

Voices of Autumn was a spectacular music show held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on October 3, 2014. It is a multimedia music show that presents an interplay of the traditional throat singing, vocal art, ethnic and electronic music. In the show different music genres were accompanied by visual effects prepared by an Austrian visual effects company.

Tuvan master of throat singing Radik Tyulyush performed at the show along with Kazakhstani DJ Nariman Issenov and Kazyna voice band.

Segrey Maiboroda, creative editor of Tengri FM described Voices of Autumn like “a dream filled with twirling golden leaves and spectacular images. Beautiful sounds and voices lead the audience on a voyage across galaxies to distance stars,” Maiboroda said.

“Some musical pieces are deeply philosophical, making the listeners reflect on the music and empathize with it. Others are light both in genre and meaning,” Director of the Kazyna band Galymzhan Bekeshev said about the experimental show with a great variety of genres.

The show created a symbiosis of styles, genres and media at the Space gallery in Almaty where images were projected on screens that makes the walls and curves of the gallery creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Elacustic light and audio system was used during the show.


Voices of Autumn



Argymak - Bur baikamys
Bolot Bairyshev - Ak Burkhan
Aldaspan - Elge qayt
Chyltys - Aba chonym
Namgar - Yundengogo
Sharapat - Kok sholaq
Nordic Namgar - My Winters Day
Tigrahaud - Arlan-kazak
Gulzada - Kurmanbek
Radik Tyulyush - Er-le Changys


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