4 July 2018

The Spirit of Astana 2018. 2 days left until the celebration in Astana

Two days are left before the International Festival of Contemporary Ethnic Music The Spirit of
Astana 2018. New projects have become known that the Festival organizers will surprise its
guests with. The residents and guests of the Capital will hear the fiery Irish motifs from Jiggy
group, the country-style electroacoustics from Dirtwire (USA) and the music of Brooklyn and
India from Red Baraat, reports.

Contemporary Ethnic Music The Spirit of Astana 2018 is held with the support of the Astana
Akimat as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the capital of the Republic of
Kazakhstan. The official water of the festival is ARZU. Recall that last year, the Project's partner
was the supermarket chain Magnum Cash&Carry.

The festival starts on July 6, the Day of the city. Traditionally, the grand three-day music show
will take place in one of the most iconic places in the capital - in the square in front of the
Baiterek monument. Concerts on the stage of the main open-air-site of the city will begin at
17.00. The entrance is free.

Jiggy band from Ireland is a fusion of Irish traditional music, Indian rhythms and modern dance
groove. The band members are: Robbie Harris (percussion), Ralston Gavin Padraig (guitar),
Aoife Kelly - fiddle (Irish folk violin), Éamonn Galldubh (trumpet, flute), O Ceannabhain Eogah
Padaraig (vocals), Fean Raymond Anthony drum (Feet Raymond Anthony drum (Feet Rayon), O
Flute) as well as Khan Ilyas Rephael Kawa (beatbox).

The debut album of the band called Translate ranked first in the world music charts in Ireland,
USA, Canada, France, Australia, Poland and the UK. The band has an active touring activity -
after visiting Astana by the end of the summer, they are planning to give seven concerts in
Ireland, England, USA, France and Switzerland.

In their music, the musicians mix the rhythmic vocals with the Indian vocal style Konnakol,
traditional Irish music with hip-hop and other genres of modern world dance music. The band
was created by percussionist Robbie Harris, inspired by the collaboration with The Dhoad
Gypsies from Rajasthan (India). Creating Jiggy, Harris took the basis of Irish traditional music
and began to experiment mixing it with the Indian groove and modern rhythms and styles.

"Hello, everyone! This is Robbie Harris from the Irish band Jiggy. We are going to Kazakhstan
and will be performing at the Spirit of Astana Festival on July 6-8. We will bring our drums,
fiddle, trumpets and Irish vocals. See you soon!" - the Jiggy's frontman said.

Dirtwire was born as an electroacoustic duo of David Satori from Beats Antique and Evan Fraser
from Bolo. A little later they were joined by Mark Reveley from Jed and Lucia. The musicians
describe their work as a "back porch of American future", which includes some elements of
world-music. Each performance of the band is a quaint interweaving of a beat, blues,
soundscapes (recorded sounds of nature) and a mix of African, Asian and South American music

Each performance of the band is a eccentric intertwining of beat, blues, sound-skipping
(recorded sounds of nature) and a mix of African, Asian and South American musical styles. The
discography of the group includes five studio albums. In addition, Dirtwire has recorded a Taiga
song with the participation of the famous Tuvan throat singing master - Kongar-ool Ondar.

"Hello everyone! This is David from Dirtwire. I am incredibly inspired by the upcoming trip to
Astana, Kazakhstan, to the The Spirit of Astana Festival. Join us there!" - the founder of the band

"Hey, this is Evan from Dirtwire. We look forward to seeing you soon in Astana at The Spirit of
Astana Festival. Thank you very much for the invitation! See you!" - added his friend from the

The Red Baraat group is a representative of two cultures at once: American and Indian. The
founder and head of the band is a musician Sunny Jain - a native of the South Asian tribe
Punjabi, who is based in Brooklyn. He created Red Baraat band in 2008 as an experimental
multinational project including unique musicians. The genre of the Red Baraat is a quaint mix of
bhangra style (lively dance and music tradition originating from Punjab) with jazz and hip-hop.

The band includes: Sunny Jain (dhol - a cylindrical two-headed wooden drum from South Asia),
Chris Eddleton (drums), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Jonathon Haffner (soprano sax), Sonny
Singh (trumpet), John Altieri (sousaphone - copper wind instrument bass sound, a kind of

In 2018, Red Baraat released the seventh album in a row - Sound the People. The musicians call
this release "the inspiring cacophony of instruments, cultures and ideas", which pays tribute to
how the diversity does and have always made America wonderful. This is a battle cry and a
positive statement against inequality and injustice that made the Red Baraat one of the most
important American music bands embodying the unification and unity of all peoples of the world
and their cultures.

"Hey, Astana, Kazakhstan! This is the Red Baraat , and we are coming to you from Brooklyn,
New York! From July 6 to July 8, we will see you at The Spirit of Astana Festival! Come, we'll
be waiting for you!" the musicians said in a collective message to the future guests of The Spirit
of Astana.

Astana residents and guests of the capital will enjoy the shows from 120 musicians from more 23
countries. The musicians represent such far-abroad countries as Ireland, Burkina Faso, Senegal,
Turkey, Japan, Mali, Hungary, Peru, the USA and India. Earlier, the first participants of the
grandiose show were announced: Marga Muzika (Lithuania), GeoTRAIN (Georgia), Kerekes
Band (Hungary), Indiogenes (Peru), musician Robert Yuldashev with the Kurais (Bashkortostan)
project, The Doox (Ukraine) and Katya Yamschikova (Bashkortostan), as well as BaBa ZuLa
(Turkey), Khoomei Beat (Tuva) and Natig Rhythm Group (Azerbaijan).

For those who for some reason cannot personally come to the square in front of the Baiterek
monument, this year there will be an online broadcast. The online broadcast will be available on, as well as on the official channel of The Spirit of Tengri on YouTube. You will
get a bright lighting show, only a live sound and a full immersion in the amazing atmosphere of a
family holiday. 6, 7 and 8 July, the start of the online broadcast is at 17:00. Join the main event
of this summer!

The Spirit of Tengri is a multicultural and one of the world's largest projects in the genre of
contemporary ethnic music, with a status of a national cultural brand. To date, musicians from 70
countries and regions of the world have been on its stage. Over these years, more than 100
thousand Kazakhstanis and guests of the country have been its visitors. The Spirit of Tengri
festivals are bright colorful music shows accompanied by informational art materials and video
content. Thus, they are not only entertaining but also educational.

Partners of the previous The Spirit of Tengri and The Spirit of Astana Festivals have been supermarket chain Magnum
Cash&Carry and Kaspi.KZ.

Argymak - Bur baikamys
Bolot Bairyshev - Ak Burkhan
Aldaspan - Elge qayt
Chyltys - Aba chonym
Namgar - Yundengogo
Sharapat - Kok sholaq
Nordic Namgar - My Winters Day
Tigrahaud - Arlan-kazak
Gulzada - Kurmanbek
Radik Tyulyush - Er-le Changys


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