14 September 2018

The Spirit of Dance. The show, which has no analogues, has triumphed in Astana

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23.00 The Spirit of Dance Festival of Contemporary Ethnic Music and Dance has come to an end.


The artists admitted that they enjoyed the performance very much, and the audience did not want to leave after the concert and let their favorite performers go.


The success of the first project has shown how strongly Astana residents and guests of the Capital have been waiting for such a show. See you at the next The Spirit of Tengri projects!


22.51 The drum solo by Merlin Ettore (Canada), Ravshan Yunusov (Uzbekistan) and Indrajit Pradhan (India) and the composition "Call of the Ancestors" by DJ Carmen Rizzo (USA), Ayhan Orrzhak (Tuva) and singer Mergen (Kazakhstan) became the final chord of the fantastic show.


To  " The Call of the Ancestors" all the participants of the show came out to the audience to bow.


22.40 After an fiery doyr solo from Ravshan Yunussov and the dance “Toshkent Popurri” by Tumor Dance, artists from Ireland Slide Step, DJ Bobofunk and violinist Éadaoin Ní Mhaicín turned up on the stage.


Slide Step are known worldwide as the best tap dancers in Ireland. Their performance is the best idea of ​​what is national dance entertainment. The group experience includes joint performances with the Jiggy musical group (participants of the The Spirit of Astana festival held in August) on the Late Late show of the RTÉ channel, as well as with the lead singer of Reamon  group - Rea Garvey at the Echo awards 2018 in Germany.


The multi-instrumentalist Éadaoin Ní Mhaicín brilliantly plays the violin and the harp. Over her shoulders there are numerous well-deserved awards.


22.37 Uzbekistan was represented on the stage by percussion virtuoso Ravshan Yunussov, DJ Mardon and the Tumor band. Fiery performance from artists virtually set the audience of the Central Concert Hall in Astana on fire.


"We have come to Astana to participate in the new project, but it was not easy for us. We repeatedly rejected all our ideas, tried to make everything perfect for a long time. We hope that the audience liked it because it changed and We are very grateful to the organizers for inviting us to participate in The Spirit of Dance, to visit your beautiful city again," musician Ravshan Yunussov, who performs with the Tumor dance group, said.


According to him, the organization of the project was at the highest level, all the participants showed themselves to be great professionals. The group happily presented their national culture to the audience and guests of Astana.


22.25 "This Festival is indeed a great follow-up of The Spirit of Tengri, but here the main focus is on the dance. The task is to unite all our peoples not through the prism of music and musical instruments, but through the dance," the general producer of the project shared. Spirit of Tengri and The Spirit of Dance show Zhan Kasteev said.


“Basically, Georgian artists adapt their national dance to, say, Canadian music. Or Canadian artists, to Kazakh music, etc. So, it is a show where we travel across the universe thanks to the dance. We have tried to cover as many countries as possible.” he added.


22.13 The Honored Artist of Kyrgyzstan Gulzada Ryskulova touched the hearts of the audience with the soul-stirring song "Tolgonuu".


22.12 The Latvian block ended with a joint performance of dancers Dana Zvonarjova, Janis Putnins and the band Gzeba from Georgia.


22.10 "Today we have four pieces in total. Bands from Latvia, Kazakhstan and Georgia are about to dance to our music. All our songs are folk motifs performed with modern music elements. Lyma Jansone and I, who play kokle, a traditional stringed instrument, take the basis of our folk music and adapt it for the younger generation. To the groups who we're working with, we sent a few of our songs, and they have already chosen what they liked best," DJ Monsta said.


He noted that they began preparing for the performances in early July.


"I used to work only together with musicians from different countries. We often work together. But with the dancers such a project is the first in my career. And I really like it. I enjoy watching other performances," he admitted.


22.01 The Latvian dancers were replaced by the Kazakh band Nomad Way, who performed the dance to the song Lebrauka.


21.54 ZeMe project, which is represented by Laima Jansone, DJ Monsta and dancers Dana Zvonarjova and Janis Putnins delight The Spirit of Dance audience with national Latvian dances and music.

ZeMe is an original musical group deeply inspired by the Earth’s mythology. The project originated in Riga, but they first came up on the big stage in Japan in 2015-2016. Artists' tunes are inspired by the legacy of Latvian traditions combined with advanced technologies.

Monsta (Uldis Cirulis) is an electronic musician, a scratch-DJ and producer. Monsta aims to use new technologies to create live music, as well as records. He has collaborated with numerous eminent Latvian hip-hop and jazz artists. Experimenting with electronics and scratching, he has participated in large-scale projects with the world famous Latvian Radio Choir, the European Chamber Choir Tenso and the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra. In 2016, he took 11th place in the top DMC Online Championships, and in 2014 he became Latvian champion at Red Bull Thre3Style. In his music, the artist mixes electronic sounds with Latvian traditional folk music and rhythms thereby preserving traditions and giving them modern sounding.


21.40 The stage meets a Lithuanian-Buryat trio of musicians: Laurita Peleniūtė, Tadas Desukas and Alexander Arkhincheyev.


Laurita Peleniūtė is a unique singer, skillfully preserving Lithuanian national musical traditions and culture. She manages to present folk music in a completely new light, reinterpreting old melodies and songs and making them more modern thanks to her unique talent and voice. Laurita is interested not only in Lithuanian traditional musical culture, but also in the cultural heritage of other nations. In her work she unites musical traditions and languages ​​of the whole world. The singer is accompanied by the famous Lithuanian violinist Tadas Desukas.


21.32 Latvians Dana Zvonarjova and Janis Putnins danced to the fascinating Georgian song Davluri, performed by DJ G@G.


21.26 The artists of the dance ensemble Gzeba, DJ G@G and musician Giga Nibladze continued an enchanting show in the center of the capital of Kazakhstan.


"We present the Georgian dance theater Gzeba. We have already danced to the music of the Canadians and soon we have to perform to the folk music of Latvia. In total, we have five performances scheduled. We also had a joint dance with the Latvian dancers. In my memory, it is the only mix of this kind. It was quite interesting, because we didn’t know what the melody was about, what kind of dances the Latvians are, and we dance how we feel. It was very nice when the Latvians said that we caught the rhythm and very clearly conveyed the meaning of their song ", - dancer from Georgia Alexander Chumburidze shared.


He noted that he had worked a lot with representatives of Latvia in joint projects, and this experience was useful to him in this unusual dance.


"I have not yet seen such projects. This project has no analogues. I hope that this Festival in the same form will continue and attract even more nations. We will be happy to participate," the dancer emphasized.


21.18 The second part of the show was opened by the vocal trio of SiMi, representing the legendary Georgian polyphony.


This year the trio celebrates its 30th anniversary. The group members are Zap Vepkhvadze, Zurab Tskitishvili and Kakha Aslanishvili. They have participated in many festivals around the world, only in France they have had more than 500 concerts.


21.07 A fair of handicrafts is on display in the lobby of the concert hall. For the Festival guests there are mugs, notebooks  made in national style, a variety of ethnic jewelry - bracelets, earrings and necklaces made of natural stones, as well as a large selection of knitted toys, hats and purses.


On her stall there are numerous bracelets and pendants made from natural materials, stones, gems and lava. There are goods from other nations on sale here. At the fair you can buy the most common Indian amulet that protects its owner from nightmares - a knitted dream catcher.


21.03 The Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Mukhamediuly called The Spirit of Dance project in Astana an indicator of high art, noting the full auditorium and the quality performance.


20.52 Following the artist from Mountain Shoria, the Indian block of today's show kicked off. Indrajit Pradhan, DJ Shakey and the Sapphire Creations dance group appeared on the stage.


Sapphire Creations is the only experimental dance group in East India, which aims to develop organic, radical, dynamic and alternative movements led by the talented young choreographer Sudarshan Chakravorty. Over 22 years of existence, Sapphire Creations have been on tour in more than 20 countries around the world.


20.48 Chyltys Tannagasheva has finished her performance. She is the first Shorian woman to master throat singing.


20.30 Robert Yuldashev and Guzaldance presented the rich culture of the Bashkir people on the stage of The Spirit of Dance.

Robert Yuldashev is known as a musician who has revealed the oldest Bashkir musical wind instrument the qurai to the world. To his name there are exciting music projects including cooperation with Nikolay Noskov, Garik Sukachev, Pelageya, as well as performances with Vladimir Spivakov's " The Virtuosos of Moscow". Robert is the founder of Quraysy band  as well as one of the Steppe Scape project, which united the stars of the Eurasian and world ethno-world-scene. Robert and his projects regularly take part in the The Spirit of Tengri festivals.

20.25 According to the general director of Alash Media Group, Batyr Kazybayev, what is born on the stage today is beauty that everyone can understand and enjoy.


“Sounds and dances are what lives in us from the moment of the first thought in the human head on an instinctive level. The diversity that exists on our planet is so amazing that we simply have to introduce it to the audience,”  Batyr Kazybayev said.


According to him, there are about seven thousand similar ethnic music festivals in the world, but there is no similar conjunction of modern arrangement of music and dance folklore material. "Therefore, we have high hopes for this Festival and position it as a country project, which should, as a new trend, go to stages of other countries," the general director of the Alash Media Group added.


Speaking of the creation of The Spirit of Dance, Batyr Kazybayev noted that the idea of ​​the project came up while watching the music videos of The Spirit of Tengri project.


"We were watching national dances, and it dawned on us that the synergy of song and dance should give an absolutely unbelievable effect in terms of quality and emotional impact. This is an amazingly beautiful and very complex project. that combining live performance with dances, putting computer graphics and a certain ideological concept on it turned out to be a extremely complex event," Batyr Kazybayev said.


He thanked the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the great support of this unusual project for Kazakhstan. “Honestly, we don’t have such projects, so this is a test that will help us to represent Kazakhstan in the international arena. We really need the government’s support, and we are grateful for it,” he said.


20.14 The Kazakhstan dance group Nomad Way performed in front of the audience to the song "Tungee Karay". The audience rewarded the artists with loud applause.


20.10 Singer Mergen and DJ Nariman Issenov continued the show with song "Dauyl" to the fascinating dances of artists from Canada.


20.03 Ayhan Oorzhak from the Khoomei Beat band appeared on the stage. The musician presented the The Spirit of Dance audience his famous Tuvan throat singing.


19.42 The next to appear on the stage are the Canadian band of world art MONAD DANCE. The group includes dancers Yelena Kilchitskaya, Marie Zechiel, Britt Davis and Luisa Morgenroth.

MONAD are world-class artists who blur the boundaries of symmetry and chaos in an elegant and harmonious way. The costumes of the artists are the final touch that awakens fantastic worlds and supernatural forms combining multidisciplinary artistic discourse.


19.38 The performance was continued by the Uzbek dance group Tumor.


The dance ensemble Tumor was created by Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan Rustam Shamsutdinov in 2011. The ensemble's choreographer is Charosoy Jurabaeva, the youngest and most successful choreographer of Uzbekistan. The ensemble represents the Uzbek dance art in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Israel, India, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania and Montenegro.


19.36 "Our performance was a kind of unity of dance, music and video. To participate in The Spirit of Dance project, I wrote music, the video was prepared by specialist from Singapore Brandon Tay, our costumes were created by designer from Holland Noraly van Deursen. We created the whole show which interacts with the audience as a single work of art. Together, this created a single emotion," the author of Canadian project MONAD Merlin Ettore said.


He admitted that creating this performance was not so challenging but stressful.


"This performance is very important for us, because we worked on the dance very carefully, gathered participants from all over the world. We have put our soul into it, and I think the audience realized that and returned their emotions to us. So for us this performance has been a pleasure, " the musician said.


19.32 Musicians Merlin Ettore and DJ Ivan Shopov opened the Canadian block of The Spirit of Dance show.


On the dance scene meets Gzeba Georgian Dance group.


Merlin Ettore (Merlin Ettore) is a brilliant percussionist in the third generation, multi-instrumentalist and hybrid artist performing music in his own unique outrageous style. At the age of 12, Merlin had his first professional concert, and by the age of 22 he has released his first album, done his fourth Canadian tour and has planned the third European one.


Bulgarian musician, producer and actor Ivan Shopov is well-known in Europe, South America, the USA, Asia, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. He is distinguished by the ability to mix traditional folklore with electronic music and jazz creating a bridge between generations. He is also a popular composer for contemporary dance and theatrical productions, as well as a composer and sound producer for short films and interactive installations.


19.26 To the accompaniment of musicians from Azerbaijan, all the dance groups participating in today's event came up on the stage.


19.20 So, let's get started!


The first to enter the stage are Natig Shirinov and Natig Rhythm Group, representing Azerbaijan. World famous musician Natig Shirinov has made a significant contribution to Azerbaijani percussion music and established new musical standards that gave birth to new trends in art. He has revolutionized the technique of playing the nagara and has become the first rhythm composer in Azerbaijan.


19.15 Less than five minutes is left before the start of the concert. The artists are preparing to come on stage.


19.12 On the stage of the Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan" a grandiose dance Festival starts in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana.

The Show will begin very soon. We are waiting for our dear audience!

The organizers of the unique "seamless" dance show are the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with The Spirit of Tengri project. The Spirit of Dance is the fourth festival of the project team and the first, in which a greater emphasis is placed on the dance part. The guests are welcomed by the Rixos President Astana Hotel.


Artists from 14 countries of the world: India, Latvia, Ireland, Georgia, Canada, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will come up on the stage of the Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan". Each country will be represented by musicians, a DJ and a dance group.


Dance ensemble Tumor (Uzbekistan) and percussion virtuoso Merlin Ettore (Canada).


Traditionally, the online broadcast of The Spirit of Dance can be viewed on, as well as on the official channel The Spirit of Tengri on YouTube.


Recall that the multimedia show The Spirit of Dance is conceived as an incredible performance with the participation of world stars in the music and dance scene. It will run in the format of "seamless show", which means non-stop. The audience should expect for many surprises: a unique three-level stage, a light show, multimedia accompaniment and live sound.


The main participants at the Festival of music and dance The Spirit of Dance will be small dance groups from around the world. Their task is to show the modern adaptation of their national dance. the dances will be intertwined among peoples: the Georgian dance will flow into Kazakh, and the Kazakh dance will turn into Indian dance. And all of them will be performed accompanied by completely different music: for example, the Irish tap dance will combine with Uzbek melodies. The organizers specially chose very recognizable national dance to show how they can be presented in a new way.


One piece from each country will last 20-30 minutes, between the pieces the audience will see solo performances of world-class ethno artists. The guests of the Festival and the viewers of the online broadcast are waiting for an unusual symbiosis of different cultures, which they have never seen before.


 The Spirit of Tengri is a multicultural and one of the world's largest projects in the genre of contemporary ethnic music, with a status of a national cultural brand. To date, musicians from 70 countries and regions of the world have been on its stage.  Over these years, more than 120 thousand Kazakhstanis and guests of the country have been its visitors. The Spirit of Tengri festivals are bright colorful music shows accompanied by informational art materials and video content. Thus, they are not only entertaining but also educational.


Recall that as part of the Spirit of Tengri project, this year Almaty had great success hosting the VI International Festival of Contemporary Ethnic Music The Spirit of Tengri. The event was held with the support of Almaty City Akimat and Tez Tour Kazakhstan. The general partner of the Festival was supermarket chain Magnum Cash & Carry. The series of concerts with the brand of The Spirit of Tengri continued at the International Music Festival of Nomadic Culture Nomad Way 2018 on June 22-24 at the Amphitheater on the Esil river embankment, as well as the International Festival of Contemporary Ethnic Music The Spirit of Astana 2018 held on July 6-8 in the square in front of the Baiterek monument.


Photos are provided by the concert photo site ONParty.Me. Photographer: Gleb Terletsky.

Argymak - Bur baikamys
Bolot Bairyshev - Ak Burkhan
Aldaspan - Elge qayt
Chyltys - Aba chonym
Namgar - Yundengogo
Sharapat - Kok sholaq
Nordic Namgar - My Winters Day
Tigrahaud - Arlan-kazak
Gulzada - Kurmanbek
Radik Tyulyush - Er-le Changys


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