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Nordic Namgar is a joint project of Namgar and Finnish singer Niillas Holmberg and a music band led by Norwegian jazz musician Ole Jørn Myklebust known for their work with famous Mari Boine Persen.
The musicians started collaborating at the Norweigian Sami Music Festival Riddu Riđđu in Summer 2013.
Nordic Namgar duo combines unique vocals of the Buryat singer Namgar and Scandinavian spirit. The songs performed by Nordic Namgar are based on ancient incantations and tales.

  Namgar - The Spirit Of Tengri 2014

  Invitation of Nordic Namgar to Festival 2015

  Nordic Namgar - Tunka






Namgar is the band endowing the contemporary music culture with the roots music of Buryatia and Mongolia with loving care. The blazing voice of the band’s lead singer Namgar reproduces the immense music heritage that stretches back into the history and ethnos of the nomads almost unchanged, while the masterpiece setting created by the powerful electric guitars make the songs sound clearly contemporary and invigorating, expanding the boundaries of rock music.
Namgar band was created in 2001. The band performs traditional Buryatian and Mongilian songs. Namgar Lkhasaranova is the lead singer of the band. She performs along with her husband Yevgeniy ZolotarevNamgar sings ancient nomadic songs, long songs, ballades and many other traditional songs. In the Tibet language “Namgar” means "white cloud".


Please contact us to book an artist, bring the Spirit of Tengri to your country, participate in our festival, organize an event or discuss details.

Buryatiya | Norway | Finland

Argymak - Bur baikamys
Bolot Bairyshev - Ak Burkhan
Aldaspan - Elge qayt
Chyltys - Aba chonym
Namgar - Yundengogo
Sharapat - Kok sholaq
Nordic Namgar - My Winters Day
Tigrahaud - Arlan-kazak
Gulzada - Kurmanbek
Radik Tyulyush - Er-le Changys


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The Spirit of Tengri (2017)
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The Spirit of Astana (2017)
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The Spirit of Tengri (2014)
The Shin on Tengri FM (2014)
Sainkho Namchylak with German Popov on Tengri FM (2014)
Voices of autumn (2014)
The Spirit of Tengri on Womex 2015 (Hungary)
The Spirit of Tengri (2013)
Presentation of DVD The Spirit of Tengri 2014
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